Thursday, 28 June 2012


Cue Pearl and Dean music.  It's time for an intermission.  Go and get yourself a Kia-Ora and an ice cream tub with a wooden spoon.  Pretend that somewhere in the background a cheesy version of Girl from Ipanema is playing.

I've just published a small collection of short stories on Amazon called Seven Stories from the Seven Hills: here's the link. 

Download it if you like!  Here's the description:
I was born in Sheffield, a city built on seven hills, 40 years ago. I have therefore been witness to much social change, such as the demise of the traditional industries; the decline and fall of high rise living and the electro-pop boom. I have also known or spoken with many people whose city was a very different one to mine. Their stories have inspired my keenness for social history, a desire to view places and actions through this medium.

This is a collection of little stories inspired by local events, characters and family folklore. They are all based in or near the city and it is an important aspect of each story. It is the city that shaped it – the history, geography and industry.

As the title suggests, there are 7 stories.  And yes that delightful child in the picture is me - in the city's Norfolk Park around 1975.  Hope you enjoy it.

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