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Spotlight on St Trinians 3

Only Connect

In the last blog post I talked about the St Trinians films being the link between the Ealing comedies and Carry On.  Here’s my notes on which actors appeared in St Trinians who had also appeared in the Ealing films; or who went on to appear in a Carry On film.  In the list of Carry On films, unless it is blindingly obvious, I have noted just one of their appearances, there may have been others.

The big question is…was anyone in all three???


Ealing films:
Alastair Sim (Hue and Cry)
Hermione Baddeley (Passport to Pimlico)
Sid James (Lavender Hill Mob)
Richard Wattis (Uncredited in Lavender Hill Mob and Kind Hearts & Coronets)

Carry On films:
Joan Sims
Sid James
Irene Handl (Nurse)
Renee Houston (Convenience)
Richard Wattis (Spying)
Shirley Eaton (Sergeant)
Dilys Laye (Cruising)
Barbara Windsor

Blue Murder

Ealing films:
Cyril Chamberlain (Lavender Hill Mob)
Judith Furse (Man in the White Suit)

Carry On films:
Terry Scott
Cyril Chamberlain (Cruising)
Judith Furse (Regardless)
Rosalind Knight (Teacher)
Eric Barker (Spying)

Pure Hell:

Ealing films:
Cecil Parker (The Ladykillers)
Dennis Price (Kind Hearts & Coronets)
Raymond Huntley (Passport to Pimlico)
George Benson (The Man in the White Suit)

Carry On films:
Liz Fraser
Warren Mitchell (Cleo)
Edina Ronay (Cowboy)
Sally Douglas (Screaming)

The Connection Kings and Queen?

Sid James, Cyril Chamberlain and Judith Furze – they had credited appearances in all 3 genres!

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